Orangetheory Fitness 6/18/19

ORANGETHEORY FITNESS OPEN HOUSE Orangetheory Fitness Methuen is celebrating it’s one-year anniversary with an open house on Saturday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at their studio in the Loop.  Join friends and neighbors to learn more about the fastest growing workout sensation in the nation.  Tour the studio,  meet the coaches and… Read More

NoteWorthy – 6/16/19

AROUND THE VALLEY NETSCOUT Awards Fifth Grant to Merrimack Valley Food Bank in Partnership with Greater Lowell Community Foundation   NETSCOUT, a leading provider of service assurance, security and business analytics, awarded its Heart of Giving $10,000 grant through the Greater Lowell Community Foundation Center for Business Philanthropy. The annual grant program builds relationships with nonprofit organizations and engages… Read More


I’ve been on more than a few nature walks in my time. Bog walks, woods walks, swamp walks, sometimes leading them myself but mostly trailing along with the rest of the group while the naturalist in charge points out interesting features with the calming assurance of a flight attendant indicating the emergency exits. I love nature… Read More

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