Planning Outside the Box

Unique Reception Ideas To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable. In the long, twisted history of civilization, there have been few absolutes, but here is one: Weddings have always been big stuff. For example, the New Testament tells us that Jesus’ first miracle was performed at a wedding. He turned water into wine, because, well, it was a… Read More

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Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 1/19/17

ONE: Where you might see ordinary industrial materials, Markus Haala sees art. His exhibit, “Urban Jazz,” will be on display at Northern Essex Community College‘s ArtSpace gallery this Friday during library hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. TWO: Challenge your notions of art by visiting the opening reception for “Throwing Up Bunnies: The Irreverent… Read More

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Building a Life

Bedford Green – the Merrimack Valley’s newest apartment building for veterans Mike Kaminski once walked across war-torn Europe as a member of Gen. George Patton’s 42nd Infantry Division. Now he walks across the pristine floors of Bedford Green, the Merrimack Valley’s newest apartment building for homeless veterans. “This place is a palace, nice and clean,” he says… Read More

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Wine Notes – Enjoying Riesling

I have this fantasy that someday mvm will fly me around the globe so I can write about the various wine regions. In a concession to reality, I try to include a wine experience as part of our vacation planning. This past summer THE wife and I (she insists I capitalize “THE”) drove to Niagara Falls…. Read More

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