Wellness Wednesdays – 1/10/18

Wellness Wednesdays is a MVMag.net-exclusive feature that curates the best health & wellness content from around the Valley and the web. Subscribe for free to get it delivered straight to your inbox each week! WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK For Increased Skeletal Muscle Health, Keep Sipping That Cup of Joe One of the recurring themes we seem to… Read More


The Barrel Rule

Or, Yes, Excellent Wines Are Being Made in New England Being open-minded and willing to try wines that are different in some way is a great asset in developing a wine connoisseur’s palate. It’s easy to get into the rut of buying the same varietal or brand. When the opportunity presents itself, I do my best to… Read More


Piece of My Heart – A Night with Janis Joplin

The “Birth Mother of Blues Rock,” Janis Joplin is among the most notable musicians of the turbulent, psychedelic ’60s. Her electrifying live performances continue to fascinate musicians and music lovers 47 years after her death. Now audiences can experience what it was like to see this soulful singer at her explosive peak as the Tony-award… Read More

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