What’s Old Is New Again

Repurposed Furniture and Accessories Make For Unique Home Decor.  If you like the idea of having unique pieces in your home, or are the type of person who loves a good project, you might want to think about including repurposed furniture and accessories in your home’s decor. Popularized in recent years by television shows like… Read More

NoteWorthy – 2/10/19

AROUND THE VALLEY Faulkner Retires, Mortimer Becomes Haverhill Bank Chairman Thomas L. Mortimer has been named chairman of the board of Haverhill Bank following the retirements of two longtime board members. Mortimer, who was named president and chief executive officer in 2010, adds chairman to his title with the retirement of Thomas R. Faulkner after… Read More

Bread for All

Artisan Bread-makers in the Merrimack Valley At once a relatively simple and incredibly important food nearly everywhere in the world, the story of bread is deeply intertwined with the story of humans as social beings; that we cannot truly “break bread” alone is exemplified in the art, literature, song, history and traditions of virtually every… Read More

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