Wellness Wednesday – 10/16/19

WELLNESS AROUND THE WEB The Allure Of Vertical Forests Vertical Forest buildings are quickly gaining attention in the field of green and sustainable architecture, according to NYTimes.com. The Vertical Forest prototype was first constructed four years ago in Milan, Italy, where a pair of apartment buildings also housed 21,000 plants and 20 species of birds…. Read More

Newburyport DREAM

In their quest to move to Newburyport, Meredith and Joel Luebcke toured scores of homes over the last few years. Their search ended when they walked into a property on Merrimac Street and finally found what they had been looking for: a place they could turn into their dream home. The couple completed an extensive… Read More

Beyond the Handshake

Meet Delia Duran-Clark of the Mill Cities Leadership Institute Delia Duran-Clark calls herself a bridge. The label fits. Embedded in her nature is a desire to reach out and connect to others. That trait was a driving force behind Duran-Clark’s creation of monthly dinners for friends, students and colleagues.  It’s amazing that Duran-Clark can find… Read More

NoteWorthy – 10/13/19

AROUND THE VALLEY Rep. Marcos Devers Celebrates Local Educator One in nine children in Massachusetts lives in a food-insecure household. When children are hungry, it impacts their focus and learning abilities in the classroom. Concerned teachers across the Commonwealth are going above and beyond, often tapping into personal resources, to ensure students are nourished throughout… Read More

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