Wellness Wednesdays – 3/20/19

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Eating for Better Mental Health The things we put into our body obviously have a significant effect on our physical health, but recent studies have shown they likely make a difference in terms of our mental health as well. The Guardian spoke with Felice Jacka, who heads up the Food… Read More

Element Care – The Sandwich Generation

Element Care’s PACE Program Brings Much-Needed Relief to Busy “Sandwich Generation” Caregivers Afew years ago, Lowell resident Sara Khun Leng, 32, who is the mother of two active boys now age 9 and 11, found herself in a difficult situation. In addition to her demanding full-time job as director of community relations at the Lowell Police… Read More

Wine Notes – Chianti Reborn

Every time I get the opportunity to speak with successful winemakers, I am inspired by their ability to work under unpredictable conditions to produce the best product they can. Plus, their product is wine and we know drinking wine makes people happy.  Although I don’t get to travel as frequently as I would like, the… Read More

Nichols Village’s New Wellness Center Aims to Help Residents Have Healthy Brains and Bodies For Life

–Sponsored– At Nichols Village in Groveland, older adults enjoy living independently in a quintessential country setting with amenities that can help them enjoy life and keep their brains and bodies healthy long into their later years. Set among 90 acres of woodlands, fields and rolling hills in Groveland is Nichols Village, an independent living community for adults… Read More

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