Catie’s Closet

 A Local Charity Helps Keep Kids in School by Providing the Basics. Stacks of neatly folded jeans line the shelves in a room at Lowell High School. Blouses, polo shirts, hoodies and other items are organized, sized and hanging from racks. Shoes, sneakers and boots are lined up in rows, waiting to be worn. The… Read More

  • Jaffarian Volvo
  • Anna Jaques Hospital
  • Associates on Orthopedics
  • Amesbury Open Studio
  • Dr. Incampo

Valley Artisans Return to the Old Ways

River valley soil is rich with sediment deposited through the centuries. All that richness nourishes the fruits of the earth, but also the fruits of creative human labor. The Merrimack Valley is home to people who build ship replicas, make soap, forge weather vanes, create fine art, write stories, and do a million other remarkable… Read More

  • Merrimack Valley Credit Union
  • Windsoul Studio
  • Rogers Center for the Arts

Innocents on Trial

The Merrimack Valley’s Role in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. When most people think of the infamous witch trials of 1692, Salem, Mass., comes to mind. Yet Merrimack Valley towns and people played significant roles in the story. In 1692, mass hysteria overcame reason and common sense, resulting in 57 people from the Merrimack Valley… Read More

  • Salem CoOp
  • Foot Health Center MV
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