MVM_JulyAug14_Cover_HomeJuly/August 2014:
In homes early July, on newsstands mid-July.
- Cover Feature: Summer Style - From garden weddings to outdoor concerts, we’ve got the look for you. >>.
- 2014 MVMA Reader’s Choice Winners. >>
- Style File: Waxing on about Eyebrows. >>
- Travel Advisory: A Visit to the Wolf Cove Inn,
Portland Spring, Maine
. >>
- Matters of Life & Beth: Beth decides to finally take a swing at golf and tennis. >>
- Wine Notes: The Sauvingnons of Summer. >>
- From the Kitchen: Dining in the Digital Age. >>
- Summer Fun & Travel Guide.
- Back to the Future on the Merrimack River. >>
- Summer Guide to Outdoor Music, Feasts & Festivals. >
- Crowdfunding Makes Two Local CD Releases a Reality. >
- Plus our regular local features, Happenings. Dining Guide, Arts and Community Calendars.

Wish_Project_HomeFamily Basics: The Wish Project: “There’s never enough pots and pans, and bed frames are like gold around here,” says Donna Hunnewell, founder and executive director of The Wish Project, a Lowell-based nonprofit that funnels donated items to people in need. Recently the Wish Project has been challenged with helping the victims of the Branch Street fire in Lowell.  Read ‘Community Spotlight’ here. >>

Outdoor_Home_July14Summer Guide – Outdoor Music, Feasts & Festivals: Summer in the Merrimack Valley is a great time to get outside for some open-air events. We’ve compiled a list of the best concerts, art & theatre festivals, homecomings, and of course, feasts. Check out the CALENDARS page. >>

MVMA_Backdrop_14aThe readers have spoken! We’re happy to present the recipients of our third annual Merrimack Valley Magazine Awards. The top picks in each and every category were chosen by you, our readers. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, and congratulations to the winners: See the results here. >>

Travel_Advisory_JulyAug14_HomeTravel Advisory – Wolf Cove Inn: Amid all the insights I’ve gathered in a decade of writing about the travel and tourism industry, there is one maxim that seems to almost always ring true: There are ocean people and there are lake people. I have always been an ocean person. Read ‘Travel Advisory’ here. >>

Eyebrow_HomeStyle File: Eyebrows might seem rather inconsequential, but without them, you probably wouldn’t be you. Cover them up and take a look in the mirror. The truth is, your eyebrows provide an important facial landmark that differentiates you from everyone else. Get your eyebrows in shape with advice from our experts.  >>

River_City_Main_HomeSummer Fun & Travel Guide – Back to the Future: The Merrimack is once again usable for fishing, canoeing and swimming in many places. But for much of the river’s length, boating is still treacherous or impossible due to obstacles presented by defunct dams and submerged debris. Now, however, there’s a plan to change that. >>

Beth_July14_HomeTis the Season… for Tennis and Golf. One problem: I don’t play either. I recall playing tennis in high school as part of my gym requirement, and I was bad. Post college, I thought it would be a good idea to try golf, both for business and social reasons. Pitifully, I couldn’t even make contact with the ball. Read Beth’s latest column here. >>

Altarpiece_Cover_HomeThe Altarpiece – Prologue: Emilie-Noelle Provost reviews “The Altarpiece’ by Lauren Fogle Boyd inside the July/August issue. Fogle Boyd’s passion for history and art comes alive ion the book’s pages to create a riveting period piece that will appeal to art lovers and fans of World War II literature alike. The prolgue to ‘The Altarpiece’ is presented here. >>


Spring Home 2014:
On newsstands now:
- Cover story: How one bold couple made their “Old World-” inspired dream home into a modern day reality.
- Decorating Trends: The ‘Natural’ Home Decor Trends Sprouting Up this Spring. >>
New Hampshire Furniture Masters. >>
- Entertaining Essentials: Throwing the Perfect Party. >>
- Work Out at Home and LIKE it in Your Home Gym.
- Kitchen Essentials: Become a Grilling Superstar. >>
- Wood Refinishing That’s Quick, Easy and Affordable.
- Gardening Essentials: Container Gardening 101. >>
- Inside The Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell.
- Decorating with Vintage Weathervanes.
- Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard.
- Plus, Unique Items for Your Home, Real Estate Statistics, Town Profiles and more…


ARCHIVES – Portrait of the Valley: Readers are invited to submit original artwork or photographs featuring a person, place or thing in the Merrimack Valley for publication in each issue. eMail submissions to portraits@mvmag.net. Please include name, location where photo was shot, eMail address and phone  View our Facebook album of past portraits. >

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