Wine Notes – Try Something New

Ever feel like you’re caught in a wine rut? Are you ordering similar wines at every restaurant? When it comes to wines, I’ve tasted many, so I think I know what I like, but it’s important to get out and try something different every now and then. With more than 10,000 different wine grape varieties… Read More

From the Kitchen – Hospitality Included

You may have heard that phrase, conceived by my restaurant idol, Danny Meyer, in reference to the concept of replacing server gratuities with an alternative revenue source. How to apply such an alternative is being discussed within restaurant circles, whether as simply an increase in menu prices or appearing as a separate value-added line item… Read More

Matters of Life & Beth – Why Do I Live Here?

“Why do I live here?” is often the first thing I ask myself when temperatures dip below 40 degrees and our region is pelted with snow, rain or sleet on more days than it seems the sun will ever shine. This winter, more than any other, I couldn’t get this off my mind. It all… Read More

Empowering Women – The Women’s Fund of Essex County

Imagine being a single mother of three children. Now imagine having no place to call home.  For most people, the situation is inconceivable. But, according to the national nonprofit Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, of the reported 4,500 homeless families living in Massachusetts, the vast majority of them are single mothers and their children. And… Read More

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