Our Phantom Neighbors

Ron Kolek of The New England Ghost Project talks about his normal: the paranormal. If you’ve ever wondered who you’re going to call when you run into a ghost, well we’ve got just the guy. With Halloween in mind ( editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine ),… Read More

Dead But Dreaming

H.P. Lovecraft’s Merrimack Valley Iconic American horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) may have been from Rhode Island, but the Merrimack Valley was Lovecraft’s dark country. Geography and story are inseparable in the author’s work. Lovecraft explained his choice of New England settings as: “… material for a really profound study in group neuroticism; for… Read More

Harvest Moon Mixology

Autumnal Drinks with Seasonal Twists The frou-frou drink season has officially ended. And just what, you ask, is a frou-frou drink? Oh, you already know. They’re beverages usually associated with the outdoors, warm weather and pool bars. Frou-frou drinks are always on the menu at ocean and lakeside bars. Count on them also popping up… Read More

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