Luxurious Landscapes

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days in New Hampshire. If there is anything a gardener loves more than working in his or her garden, it’s visiting and enjoying the creations of others. Before 1995, however, the only private gardens we could visit and admire belonged to people we knew. That year, Page Dickey, a gardener in… Read More

Deep Freeze

Seeking a sweet treat on a sweltering day? The Merrimack Valley offers plenty of ways to cool your taste buds — from traditional ice cream to rich gelato or more exotic frozen confections. Kimball Farm: When is ice cream not just ice cream? When getting it is an all-day adventure. At Kimball Farm in Westford, you... Read More

Travel Advisory – Wolf Cove Inn

Amid all the insights I’ve gathered in a decade of writing about the travel and tourism industry (I was primarily a travel writer before I came to mvm), there is one maxim that seems to almost always ring true: There are ocean people and there are lake people. I have always been an ocean person.... Read More

City of Spindles: A Smithsonian Place of Invention

Most cities grow organically around a central starting point. But Lowell isn’t your garden variety city. Its beginnings were auspicious enough that the Smithsonian’s National of American History has included the city in a video series called “Places of Invention.” When the 19th century invention of the power loom led to America’s first textile mills, it… Read More

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