Wine Notes – Oz the Great and Flavorful

One of my favorite times of year in the Merrimack Valley is farm stand season. Each stand is a local treasure that offers consumers surprises that vary from year to year. They battle for who has the sweetest corn, the ripest tomatoes or the best fresh-picked Roma green beans. Finding the best wine in each growing… Read More

According to Glenn – Love AND Marriage

How does that old rhyme go? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes blah blah in a baby carriage? Well, our extended family experienced a love and marriage full monty this past fall, and I thought I’d share three vignettes: My wife, Lisa, my mother-in-law, Souad, and I were walking out of St. Anthony… Read More

Matters of Life & Beth – Shoe Night

Date night or bowling night or GNO (girls night out). Whatever you dub it or decide to do, we all should have reasons to get off the couch. This is especially true right now, during the cold winter months, when holing up in the house, wrapped in a blanket, seems like a preferable option. Breaking… Read More


From the Kitchen – Show Time!

My doctor prescribed a stress test the other day, to be safe. That’s cool. I’m thinking, what’s a treadmill for a spell? Upon further thought, however, maybe he should do an actual “field study” and strap me up on an event night while I’m running the kitchen expo station. “Expo” is short for “expediter.” The... Read More
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