Let’s Go Bowling… Retro Style

As a New England newcomer, I’ve learned how to be a Red Sox fan, practiced the pronunciation of Chelmsford, and realized that historic plaques on houses are commonplace. But some things still surprise me: candlepin bowling, for example. While growing up in a small town in New York state, tenpin bowling was one of the… Read More

The Massachusetts Miracle

At one time, the Route 128 (now I-95) corridor was just as synonymous with the growth and development of technology as the Silicon Valley is today. The region was a major player in what was known as the “Massachusetts Miracle.” This period — occurring over the course of the 1980s — largely reversed the state’s… Read More

Eight Great Things To Do This Weekend – 11/4/16

ONE: Winner of American Idol’s 10th season Scotty McCreery will be performing at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on Friday at 8 p.m. Now one of the country music scene’s hottest rising stars, McCreery will perform hits including “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble with Girls.” TWO: Studio 550 is holding a gallery reception… Read More

The Stories Inside the Quilts

I come from a family of quilters. As a child, I slept under a brightly-colored patchwork quilt, bound in yellow. Before I even hit puberty, my maternal grandmother had created my hope chest quilt (never mind that I never had a physical hope chest). When I married, that same grandmother made a wedding quilt for… Read More

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