Travel Advisory – The Common Man Inn & Spa

Since moving to Lowell 15 years ago, I have acquired a real fondness for old mill buildings. I especially appreciate the way many of these former factories have been repurposed, getting new leases on life as high-end residential lofts, schools and art studios. So recently, when I visited The Common Man Inn & Spa in… Read More

Fighting City Part 1 – Introduction / Con Desmond

Exploring the Rich History of Boxing in Lowell – Part 1 Micky Ward’s ring career reads like a great boxing movie: boxer overcomes limited opportunity, repeated setbacks and seemingly insurmountable odds by virtue of grit and determination. Ward won the admiration of die-hard fans with a pro career defined by some of the best fights… Read More

The Annalee Experience

At the Annalee Outlet in Meredith, N.H., the Christmas spirit — and the traditions, memories and smiles that accompany the season — are on display all year long. Located in the heart of the beautiful lakes region, it’s a perfect day trip from the Merrimack Valley for anyone looking to embrace the mood of the… Read More

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