Homeport Model Ships

Discover a Unique and Relaxing Winter Hobby This Holiday Season Looking for a hobby to keep yourself, or your older kids, busy on long winter days when the wind howls, the snow blows, and you are trapped inside? Building remote controlled model warships from Homeport Model Ships in Lowell may be the solution, especially for… Read More

Eating the Bull

There is an old Greek expression that roughly translates into something like this: “I ate the bull, why be afraid of the tail?” In other words, once you’ve taken care of the big stuff, make sure you also handle the details. It’s a nice piece of advice for folks in the restaurant industry. Not long… Read More


Valley Cranberries

Cranberries are the fruit of the season, harvested just in time for holiday meals centered on that king of birds, the turkey. And while cranberry sauce is great stuff indeed, the berries are a wonderful ingredient to use in both savory and sweet dishes. If you’re a locavore, you can find scarlet orbs grown right… Read More

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