Matters of Life & Beth – Beth & The City

I have never lived in a major city. While friends talk about their futures in Florida, I dream about city lights, city nights and the unmistakable energy that fills the urban air. I worked in Boston for many years and have always touted it as one of the nicest cities I’ve ever spent time in. It’s… Read More

Merrimack Valley Kids Remember 9/11

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared in the September 2011 issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine, and we feel it’s important to run each year on the anniversary of 9/11. Some of us were caught off-guard by the way American college students celebrated — went fist-pumping, shirts-off bananas, actually  — when Osama bin Laden was killed. The… Read More


Saddle Up! The Valley Bicycle Kick Is Set To Hit High Gear

A scenic coastal stretch through Newburyport that accomodated locomotives at the turn of the 19th century. A series of annexes in Lowell separating dwellings of campus academia.  A backlot terrace in Bradford that’s no longer immersed in trash and weeds, but rather layered with asphalt chips.  Today, these pathways, railways and conduits of yesteryear have been… Read More


88 Keys to Success

Haverhill’s Mason & Hamlin Piano Company Is In Its Third Century of Excellence. The “piano man” slides an endearing palm across the polished ebony as he steps into the main showroom of the world-renowned Mason & Hamlin Piano Company. “This one here is a B-54,” says the Valley’s foremost piano aficionado, his hand roving the instrument’s… Read More

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