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La Survivance: A Look at the Future of Franco-American Culture in the Merrimack Valley

The Merrimack River flows through downtown Haverhill, at times veering dangerously close to buildings and parked cars. Wide and swift, the river’s vast hydropower drew factory owners to the city in the 19th century, much as it lured them to its industrial-age Merrimack Valley sisters, Lowell, Lawrence, Nashua and Manchester. As in other parts of… Read More

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The Power of the Table: The Merrimack Valley’s Lebanese Food Traditions Bring Together Family and Community

Don’t ever plan to leave a Lebanese home hungry. That’s according to Bassam Geha, owner of the Phoenician Restaurant in Haverhill and Bishop’s Mediterranean in Boston. The Middle Eastern diet relies heavily on grains, fruits and , as well as a focus on hospitality. Combined, that means good food — and plenty of it. So… Read More


Sole Mates

With a Little Effort, Pretty, Healthy Feet Can Be Yours. Talking about feet makes a lot of folks feel silly. After all, a body part that’s the subject of the children’s rhyme “This Little Piggy” can be hard to take seriously. And while having a lighthearted attitude about our feet is surely OK, as anyone… Read More

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