Wine Notes – The Crush

Harvest season is a time for celebrations. We give thanks, and we reap what we have sown. We celebrate our successes and ponder our failures. Each year brings a different set of challenges for grape farmers, who diligently adjust growing conditions, such as soil moisture and the amount of fruit allowed to develop on each… Read More

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Oyster Mushroom Bruschetta with Kale Pesto and Goat Cheese Cream

Gibbet Hill Grill purchases its oyster mushrooms from Fat Moon Farm in Westford. This recipe combines their mushrooms with Gibbet Hill Farm’s own kale and local goat cheese from Westfield Farm. It is eaten as an appetizer but could also be tossed with pasta or served in a sandwich. Start to finish: 1 hour, longer… Read More

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Ralph H. Baer – Father of Home Video Games

Video games have recently surpassed both the music and film markets to become the fourth-biggest entertainment industry in the world (only gambling, reading and TV are larger). The best-selling games routinely sell millions of copies in their first day, with the current record-holder generating $1 billion within 72 hours. For all its explosive international growth,… Read More

State Representative Brian Dempsey Tours Harbor Place

On Thursday, Sept 1, Rep. Brian Dempsey toured the Harbor Place construction project in Haverhill. The tour, led by Greater Haverhill Foundation member and owner of Gold Leaf Fine Jewelry, Sally Cerasualo-O’Rorke, began at the boardwalk and ended inside the building, where Mayor James Fiorentini, alongside Dempsey, posed with the time capsule that will be… Read More

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