Boxing Legend King Levinsky

Did you know the Valley once was home to someone who fought the great Joe Louis? Harris Kraków (aka Kingfish Levinsky) was born in 1910 to a family of Chicago fish peddlers. Levinsky fought all the leading heavyweights of his time, including 265-pound giant Primo Carnera, known as “The Leaning Tower of Gorgonzola.” In 1932,… Read More

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Book Review – Mill Power by Paul Marion

I am one of the reasons Patrick J. Mogan, an Irish-American educator who became a Lowellian by marriage in the late 1940s, fought for more than a decade to establish Lowell National Historical Park. Mogan, who died in 2012 at age 94, spent much of his life as an advocate for his troubled red-brick city, one… Read More

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Forty-Fives: Merrimack Valley in the Cards

So much about the card game forty-fives doesn’t add up. If in the right suit, the 5 is the best card, a jack beats a king, and a 2 can be better than a 10 … but only when it wears black. For the uninitiated, it just gets more confusing from there. Even the name… Read More

Travel Advisory – The Mayflower Grace

When you’re thinking of great summer weekend destinations, western Connecticut probably doesn’t come to mind. But if you’re a fan of idyllic country settings, scenic hikes, fly-fishing or browsing antiques shops, it really should have a place on your list. Located in Washington, Conn., about a three-hour drive from the Valley, is The Mayflower Grace,… Read More

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