Matters of Life & Beth – Just Jump

Just Jump … Out of Your Comfort Zone I loathe cold water. If entry into ocean water, a pool or even a cool shower is a must, my best bet is to take a deep breath and jump right in. The more I think about it, the less likely I am to do it. Cold water is… Read More

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Recycled Percussion

Junk rock, in simple terms, is rhythm found in the unexpected — a bucket, a barrel, a power tool. As a musical movement, it’s defined by creative sounds and high-energy performances. It was brought from its street roots to the stage by New Hampshire’s Recycled Percussion, the smash hit band now headlining on the Las… Read More

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Home Design Trends – Trends in Wood Furniture

We’ve all heard this saying: Hold on to something long enough and it will come back in style. That’s true with fashion, and now it seems to be true with interiors, as well. Items once referred to as “dated” circle back into style with a more contemporary or updated twist. This is the case with… Read More

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Gardening Essentials – Protecting Against Landscape Insect Pests

When spring finally arrived earlier this year, a sigh of relief could be heard throughout New England. We could go outside at last and enjoy the plants and trees coming back to life. Those plants and trees aren’t alone, however, in awakening from their winter slumbers. They’re joined, unfortunately, by many insect pests, including the winter… Read More

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