From the Kitchen – Win as One.

During a trailer for a new movie about Steve Jobs, the film’s central figure becomes impatient with actor Seth Rogen’s character as the latter struggles to aptly verbalize a thought. I literally laughed out loud while empathizing with both portrayals — the impatient creative, likely rushing to get back to scheming and obsessing, and the… Read More

Scott Plath

According to Glenn – There’s No Place Like Home

Nothing makes me appreciate where I live more than traveling, and I love traveling. No matter where I go, I’ve yet to find another place that I could seriously consider as my home. Oh, Bermuda beckons, but I couldn’t afford to live there, even part time (not in the foreseeable future anyway). Part of the… Read More

Glenn Prezzano

Travel Advisory – Old Sturbridge Village

Celebrate the Holidays 1830s-Style: Many people would consider a trip to Disney World to be the ultimate family vacation. Others might prefer a Caribbean cruise or a driving tour of a national park. But me? Give me the historic homes and unpaved streets of Colonial Williamsburg, or George Washington’s meticulously preserved Mount Vernon estate. I like… Read More

Emilie-Noelle Provost

From the Kitchen – Clam Sauce with Pasta Recipe

VINEYARD 2015 CLAM SAUCE WITH PASTA INGREDIENTS (when possible, the use of local products is highly recommended ) Ingredients: – 1 pound pasta, cooked (al dente) and drained (we prefer spaghetti) – (2) dozen or 3 to 4 pounds, whole live local clams (rinsed and scrubbed of surface sand) – (4) Ttablespoon olive oil –… Read More

Scott Plath
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