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Living Madly: French Clean

I’ve never been big on the concept of spring cleaning. This is probably because I’m among those people who keep their home at a certain, some might say obsessive, level of cleanliness just about all the time. It routinely takes me more than two hours to vacuum our three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, mainly because I find… Read More

Emilie-Noelle Provost

Living At The Movies

The Evolution of Home Theater Recent innovations have made the home theater experience more immersive, affordable and convenient. A seismic shift has occurred since the days of VHS and cathode ray tube televisions. John Rein, principle partner at Nashua’s Audio Video Therapy, notes, “The biggest change is formats. You have 4K video, which has made… Read More

Doug Sparks


It’s that time of year to bring the green indoors and enjoy plantings in the comfort of your own home. To inspire you, we shot on location at Sage Market + Design. Whether you are decorating a cozy nook in your living room or a small table in your home, you will make it feel… Read More

Lysa Pelletier

Going to the Wall

Who Needs Paint? Metallic Wallpaper Can Transform Any Space from Dull to Luxurious. Wallpaper is back and better than ever! Today, there are graphic and bold designs appealing to a wide variety of styles and tastes. When eye-catching metallic prints are added to the design, the reflected light adds a luxurious sheen to any space or… Read More

Lysa Pelletier
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