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Humbled by Humus

Misadventures in Composting It is difficult to imagine what an adventure in composting would look like, but when it comes to misadventures in composting, I speak from copious experience. On farms and fields, I have appreciated the windrows of good compost steaming in the cool mornings like well-worked horses. I have admired the fistfuls of… Read More

Sarah Courchesne
MVMA Home Chic 2017

2017 MVMA Winners – Home Chic

Thousands of ballots have been cast, the results tabulated, and now we present the winners of the 2017 Merrimack Valley Magazine Awards. This spring, the top picks in all categories were chosen by our readers via our online voting platform. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and congratulations to all the… Read More

Doug Sparks

Gardening Essentials – Pulling Bittersweet

Engaging with Invasive Species. Spring uncovers the corpses. When the ice is off the little pond, bloated gray frog bodies roll to the surface. A fox that died by the road and rolled into the ditch is a matted rug and bones. The chokeberry I transplanted at the height of last year’s drought to make… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Andover Homeowners Create Old-School Feel with Open Concept Design. Raised ranches are common in the Merrimack Valley, but homeowners struggle to find ways to make the best use of their distinct design properties. One Andover family used the style to advantage during a 2015 renovation. “I wanted a traditional Italian family kitchen where everyone can… Read More

Doug Sparks
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