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Letting the Light In: Darlene Allen Transforms a Belvidere Home

When Paula Gouveia moved to Lowell’s Belvidere neighborhood, she turned to Darlene Allen for help. Her new home felt cramped and out-of-date. As Allen states, “It felt like a rabbit hole.” To begin the transformation, Allen had three starting points. 1. Gouveia wanted the home to sparkle. 2. She wanted an open design with more… Read More

Doug Sparks

Home Is Where the Art Is

We all know that home is where the heart is, but it’s also a place where we like to look at art that continues to make us happy with the passing of time. Creating small spaces in your home with art that speaks to your soul makes whatever kind of home you have uniquely special… Read More

Lysa Pelletier

Attack of the Caterpillars

I am a desultory vegetable gardener. Abetted by friends’ and neighbors’ prolific generation of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, even the more exotic sorts of veggies, I get to turn my garden into a wanton aesthetic paradise of impractical or inedible blooms and foliage, or just grow whatever the pollinators might like best. One year at work, my… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

From Greeting Cards to Handblown Glass; Buying Art on Any Budget

If you think buying art doesn’t fit into your budget, you haven’t visited Lowell’s Western Avenue Studios or Helen Thomas Simply Smashing in Andover.  Western Avenue Studios (WAS) is located in an enormous complex of former mill buildings. It houses 300 artists in 250 studios and 50 live/work lofts. Paintings, woodworks, photography, jewelry, letterpress creations,… Read More

Jen Myers
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