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CSA Merrimack Valley – Harvest (Part 1)

At summer’s end, the warm days and cool nights allow us to step away from our grills, return to the kitchen and turn on our stoves.  We can saute, boil, roast and sear without overheating our homes. While we encouraged you last time to grill everything in sight, this time of year we’re excited to… Read More

Marc and Christopher Horne

Gardening Essentials – The Language of Berries

I had a student a few years ago who joined me on my annual field research trip. Soft-spoken and kind, she also possessed an almost Germanic economy with words, electing to concoct her own, remarkably apt compound phrases rather than adopt whatever English word existed for a thing. The muskrats that scuttled across the trails… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

Cottage Luxe

This cottage at Port Place in Newburyport is part of a community-focused, low-maintenance style of housing. It is the work of builder and developer Cottage Advisors, a Westford-based “pocket neighborhood” specialist exclusively marketed by The Forzese Group of RE/MAX On the River. Pocket neighborhoods are designed to meet the demands of a contemporary lifestyle with… Read More

Lysa Pelletier

Home Beat – Timeshares

Timeshares are one of the more well-known and, perhaps, complex vacation options. Many of you have probably heard of timeshares, but the underlying components of the contracts and ownership are often misunderstood.  There are two basic types of ownership. Shared Deeded Ownership: This style of ownership is the more common of the two. Shared deeded ownership… Read More

Tyler McMillan
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