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Open House: Making a Chelmsford Home Look Light, Bright and Updated

When the Hardy family needed someone to remodel their Chelmsford home, they knew who to call. After all, they had been working with designer Debbe Daley on other projects for a decade, and her eye for integrating old and new, and for invigorating classic looks with pops of color, was perfect for them. The Hardys… Read More

Doug Sparks

The Trouble with Shrubs

I wouldn’t like to say my garden is unkempt, and I wouldn’t like to say it suffers under the fits and starts of my ambitions and inattentions. I would like to say my garden is independent, and that the plants there thrive on benign neglect. If I’m being honest, though, my neglect veers troublingly close to… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

Trends from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show

As an interior designer, I try to attend several important trade shows each year. The first is the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, also known as KBIS, which was held this January in Orlando, Fla. It is both educational and inspiring to see the latest and greatest products and where the two most important spaces… Read More

Linda Holt

Living Madly: French Clean

I’ve never been big on the concept of spring cleaning. This is probably because I’m among those people who keep their home at a certain, some might say obsessive, level of cleanliness just about all the time. It routinely takes me more than two hours to vacuum our three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, mainly because I find… Read More

Emilie-Noelle Provost
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