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Kitchen Essentials: Trendy, Healthy, Delicious Tea

“Coffee is not my cup of tea.”  – Samuel Goldwyn This quote is often credited to famed Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn, and if it was an indication that tea was his preferred hot drink, it’s another example of the many ways he was ahead of his time. The United States is now the fourth largest tea… Read More

Dean Johnson

Real Estate Update: Hot Housing

Local real estate agent Deborah Lucci calls the spring real estate market, from March through June, “100 days of hell.” Of course, she and her colleagues wouldn’t have it any other way. Any agent who endured the market’s five-year freeze from 2007 to 2012 will gladly put up with  a few hectic months. And this spring,… Read More

Will Courtney

Jewelry of the Room

Trends in Cabinet Hardware: Once overlooked as simply functional and necessary, cabinet hardware now plays a prominent role with decorators. In fact, cabinet hardware is commonly referred to these days as the “jewelry of the room.” I recently visited Fixtures, Etc. in Salem, N.H., and found one of the biggest selections of cabinet hardware I have… Read More

Linda Holt

Punch It

Make Your Holiday Gatherings Sparkle This Season With These Fabulous Holiday Punch Recipes If you’re looking for a fun drink to serve guests over the holidays, consider punch. Introduced to the Western world by British sailors whose beer rations had grown rancid, punch became an inexpensive social drink beloved by college students and 1950s housewives… Read More

Liz Michalski
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