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Entertaining Essentials – Outdoor Party Tips

An outdoor bash is a great way to celebrate the wonderful warmth of summer. If you’re dreaming of summer fun with friends and family, here are a few tips to help make your party a success. Pick food with flair. Event planner Monique Nangle-Johnson, owner of Monx Design House in North Andover, says the fusion… Read More

Liz Michalski

Oakside – Inside the Walls

In the heart of Methuen, nestled between two streets, hidden behind towering walls, sits an unassuming ranch house on a sliver of land. On the driveway gate an address sign reads “Charles.” To the unsuspecting passerby, it looks like the entrance to any other home. What lies behind the house, inside those walls, however, is… Read More

Wesley Gallagher

Luxurious Landscapes

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days in New Hampshire. If there is anything a gardener loves more than working in his or her garden, it’s visiting and enjoying the creations of others. Before 1995, however, the only private gardens we could visit and admire belonged to people we knew. That year, Page Dickey, a gardener in… Read More

Susan Mitchell

Equipped for Fun

You’ll Have as Much Fun as Your Guests When You Plan Ahead for Last-Minute Summer Get-Togethers It’s enough to make any Martha Stewart wannabe break out in hives, and it has happened to almost all of us. We get that last-minute phone call from an assortment of friends/relatives/co-workers to tell us they’ll be by in 20 minutes. The call… Read More

Dean Johnson
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