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Forever Home – G.M. Roth

G.M. Roth Updates a Classic ‘80s Home for Today’s Entertaining.  (sponsored) Our clients built their classic New England home in the ‘80s on a beautifully wooded lot in a great neighborhood in Bedford, N.H. They were looking to enhance the flow of the space and make it more current for this new stage of their… Read More

Digital Manager

Gardening Essentials – The Crows of Lawrence

In our yard, every season is announced by black birds. Come fall, the grackles, who had been in small families through the summer, converge in a flock of hundreds, picking over the lawn in a rusty screeching. Before long, they’re all gone. It won’t be until spring when we see such numbers again, and by… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

Forever Under the Sky

 The World of Arno Rafael Minkkinen Yellow-green water lilies float over still blue water in a quiet cove at Foster’s Pond in Andover. The placid setting serves as the outdoor studio of photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, 73, known internationally for surreal black-and-white self-portraits of himself in nature.    The artist is a tall, reed-thin man… Read More

Debbie Hagan

Holiday Home

Sometimes the best alternative to a typical dining room for the holidays can be a barn setting. Carriage houses, barns, and other such warm and old-fashioned rustic buildings can be used as comfortable locations to adorn for your holiday feasts.  The carriage house we have featured in this issue is used by North Andover’s McLellan… Read More

Katie DeRosa
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