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BEHOLD! The Unbreakable, Unshakeable Air Plant

I keep many houseplants, but I do not always keep them well, or long. As I write this, the remains of a jade plant sit in silent rebuke beside me. The plant had flourished for months, and I had started to feel a measure of pride that I found its preferred water and light levels as… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

A Taste For Modern

Stephanie Sipley has modern tastes, evident in the clean lines and no-frills attitude found in her fashion boutique SoleAmour in Andover. However, finding a modern house in the same town, which is known for its quaint colonials and McMansions, is challenging.  “Everyone here wants new houses, and I’m not so much about that,” Sipley says,… Read More

Debbie Hagan

Encore: One Remodel by Jackson Kitchen Designs Leads To Another

— Sponsored — Even a beautiful 6-year-old colonial can require some customizing to meet the needs of a growing family. David and Michele Gaudin soon discovered that after relocating to Boxford several years ago. The first project on the list was to add a larger island with more seating to the kitchen. The Gaudins knew… Read More

Ellen Zappala

Stinging Things – Make Any Hymenopteran at Home in Your Yard

I love reading field guides. Brimming with information and diagrams helpfully labeled with arrows to the important bits of a bird, or snake, or ragweed that you need to make an identification, they are also, quite commonly, sources of unexpected poetry and startling imagery. I came upon just such a one in my reading about… Read More

Sarah Courchesne
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