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Gardening Essentials – To Prepare or Not to Prepare

Spring Gardening in Uncertain Climes I must confess, about two dozen years ago, when I began to hear about global warming, I naively assumed it meant that New England’s winters would get shorter over time. Freezing temperatures would end by mid-March. In the fall, the first frost might not arrive until late November. I would like… Read More

Susan Mitchell

Character and Craftsmanship

Thoughtful Architecture Meets Quality Craftsmanship at The Savoie Family Home in Ipswich. The Savoie home was one of 10 that were featured on the 2015 Open Doors of Ipswich House Tour. Proceeds from the event benefit the Ipswich Visitor Center at the Hall-Haskell House. The next tour will be held in 2017. For updates and more… Read More

Beth Daigle

Architecture with Attitude

Award-Winning Designer Patrick Tighe Struck Gold after Heading West. At first glance, it would appear that Patrick Tighe’s years as a Lowell youth are light years away from his life as an award-winning architect in Southern California. Tighe, 50, and his Santa Monica firm are heralded around the world as groundbreaking innovators in building design…. Read More

Will Courtney

Valley Artisans Return to the Old Ways

River valley soil is rich with sediment deposited through the centuries. All that richness nourishes the fruits of the earth, but also the fruits of creative human labor. The Merrimack Valley is home to people who build ship replicas, make soap, forge weather vanes, create fine art, write stories, and do a million other remarkable… Read More

Suzanne DeWitt
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