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Retirees Meet Robots — Both Win: UMass Lowell’s Learning in Retirement Association Helps Retired Professionals Maintain Active Minds

On her knees, a woman is “face-to-face” with a robot as the operator explains its special features. She is too enthralled to stop for a formal photo. “Now? But I’m learning here!” says Toby Hodes, president of UMass Lowell’s Learning in Retirement Association (LIRA), while touring the university’s New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE)… Read More

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Turning Back Time … With a Little Help: Noninvasive, Anti-Aging Treatments

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to preserve or regain a person’s youthful glow seem to have become almost as routine as brushing one’s teeth. Though most experts agree that sunscreen is the most important tool you can use to defend against visible signs of aging, there are several ways to combat wrinkles and age spots once they’ve… Read More

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Element Care: Keeping PACE With Local Seniors

What the local senior community needs is a single location where all medical, social, home care, and nutritional concerns are addressed. This facility also would offer cooking classes, rehab services, outdoor recreation and exercise equipment. And for those who qualify, this one-stop shop also would feature full-time physicians, a low participant-to-staff ratio, and assistance with… Read More

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