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Wellness Wednesdays - 10/11/17

Happy Trails! A Slice of Hiking Heaven Awaits Amid Spectacular Valley Wilds

There’s an incline along the little-known Osgood Trail  where, just as the lactic acid begins to kick in, you reconsider the car you abandoned some 10 minutes earlier. As you lumber past the watchful eyes of secluded owls and white-tailed  deer, the footpath meanders through a family of oak trees, where a splash of sunlight… Read More

Ted Bodenrader

Changing The World One Student At A Time

A Visit with UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney The view from Jacqueline Moloney’s fourth-floor office is dramatic. Dark clouds scud above the roiling Merrimack River, creating a scene worthy of a Dutch landscape. But Moloney, the first female chancellor of UMass Lowell, is more intrigued by the students crossing the bridge below her. “That’s the... Read More
Liz Michalski

Medical Profiles – Spring 2016

  Mako™ is here, at Anna Jaques Hospital! Breakthrough technology for knee and hip pain. Anna Jaques Hospital now offers Mako™, a robotic-arm interactive system that enables orthopedic surgeons to perform advanced knee and hip procedures. For people suffering from knee and hip pain, Mako is bringing much-needed relief to some patients. Anna Jaques is one of only… Read More

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