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A Passion for Service

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center’s Lawrence Family Medicine Residency Program More than 800 applicants vying for eight coveted openings might sound like the premise for a cutthroat reality television show, but for Dr. Joseph Gravel, that kind of interest marks the beginning of an annual monthslong process to match doctors with the Lawrence Family Medicine… Read More

Alyson Aiello

Six Steps Toward Wellness

Local experts offer some easy steps to start feeling healthier and happier each day 1. Increase your water intake. Drinking enough water is the No. 1 thing to consider when trying to improve your health, says Christy LeMire, a nutrition and wellness coach in Newburyport. Many of us are chronically dehydrated. Thirst can be mistaken… Read More

Will Courtney

Matters of Life & Beth – My Lame Brain

On Monday, I ran into a woman I’ve met several times — but I couldn’t remember her name. On Tuesday, I twice walked away from my kitchen wondering why I’d gone there in the first place. On Thursday, I misplaced my cellphone for the umpteenth time that week. “I must be losing my mind,” I… Read More

Beth Daigle
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