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Wellness Wednesdays – 4/12/17

Wellness Wednesdays is a new feature that curates the best health & wellness content from around the Valley and around the Web. Subscribe for free to get it delivered straight to your inbox each week! WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit Did you know that beans naturally contain a substance called phytic acid that makes… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

The Front Lines of Addiction

Confronting the Opioid Epidemic It would be easy to blame the growing tragedy of opioid abuse on the power of prescription painkillers. After all, for many addicts, that’s where it starts. Lowell resident Keriann Caccavaro says “something clicked” the first time she took an OxyContin. “I had no idea what was in store for me,”… Read More

Will Courtney

Can we talk about feet? Just for a moment?

( Sponsored ) Spring’s coming. And with spring comes a need to escape the confines of home. After a long New England winter, there’s nothing like stretching your legs and going for a walk or a run. One day, you buy a new pair of sneakers and go for that walk. You pass the greening… Read More

Ryan Owen

Community Health Centers

The Challenges of Providing Equal Health Care Access to All. As CEO of Lowell Community Health Center (CHC), I am often asked just what a community health center is. I tell people that a CHC is like any other primary care provider, with one exception: We do not, indeed we cannot, turn anyone away due… Read More

Susan West Levine
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