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What does yoga mean to you? For most, it conjures an exercise in peace, love and flexibility. And even as millions join this 21st century fitness fad, yoga’s basic tenets — learning to control the body and mind — are the same as they were when Hindus and Buddhists were practicing them two millennia ago…. Read More

Will Courtney
Wellness Wednesdays - 10/11/17

Happy Trails! A Slice of Hiking Heaven Awaits Amid Spectacular Valley Wilds

There’s an incline along the little-known Osgood Trail  where, just as the lactic acid begins to kick in, you reconsider the car you abandoned some 10 minutes earlier. As you lumber past the watchful eyes of secluded owls and white-tailed  deer, the footpath meanders through a family of oak trees, where a splash of sunlight… Read More

Ted Bodenrader
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