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Karen Gomes

This spring, Karen Gomes was named president and CEO of the Home Health Foundation. Prior to her appointment, she served at the foundation’s chief clinical officer. Gomes’ undergraduate experience started with finance, management and liberal arts. She eventually changed course and entered the nursing program at New York’s Regents College. In 1994, she earned a master’s… Read More

Christina Nikitopoulos

Slice, Dice, Braise & Bake

You’re lying on the couch, watching the Food Network, drooling over the perfectly-tenderized cranberry-apricot pork roast and listening to your stomach growl. When you open the fridge, all you see is a leftover salad and the ingredients to make another boring vegetarian lasagna. So your mind starts to spin. Soon you are picturing a fragrant… Read More

Elizabeth MacLean

Wellness Wednesdays – 11/15/17

Wellness Wednesdays is a feature that curates the best health & wellness content from around the Valley and the web. Subscribe for free to get it delivered straight to your inbox each week! WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK The Benefits of Essential Oils by Gail Lachs of Windsoul Studio If you want to introduce more natural solutions… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

Preparing for Tomorrow

Clad in royal blue scrubs, name badge swinging from a lanyard around her neck, Victoria Torres flops into a chair, expelling a loud sigh. The exhausted 18-year-old just completed her second day as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Mary Immaculate Health Care Center in Lawrence. “We’ve learned how to care for elderly people and how… Read More

Jen Myers
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