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Wellness Wednesdays – 7/17/19

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Get Your Eyes Ready For The Summer Sun by Rick Young of Boston Laser Ultraviolet light (UV) from the sun is linked to several diseases of the eye including cataracts, growths on the ocular surface and cancer. It is important to protect your eyes and skin when outside. Cataracts develop… Read More

Jaden Mendola

Wellness Wednesdays – 7/10/19

FINANCIAL WELLNESS AROUND THE VALLEY Believe it is Possible: How One Woman Pursued Her Desire of Becoming a Landlord by Jim Wilde of Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership Olivia found the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership through a Google search and took both our home buyer and landlord training classes. She didn’t have a team built and… Read More

Jaden Mendola

Wellness Wednesdays – 7/3/19

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK ATTENTION ADULTS: You Need Vaccines, Too In basic terms, a vaccine is an injectable compound that allows your immune system to develop a response to a specific illness without actually experiencing the illness. This acquired immunity is important to each individual but even more so to a community. What is known as “herd immunity” confers immunity at… Read More

Jaden Mendola

Wellness Wednesdays – 6/26/19

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Break a Sweat – by Dr James Wu Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa Skin with clear pores, adequate water hydration and a minimal layer of dead cells allows your sweat to carry toxins out of your body through your skin. So what is the best way to sweat? Most of the… Read More

Jaden Mendola
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