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Wellness Wednesdays – 11/14/18

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Orthopedics: Helping You Live Life with Less Pain by Anna Jaques Hospital Whether you want to get back in the game or live life with as little pain as possible, the orthopedic specialists at Anna Jaques Hospital will treat you better! Your first 24 hours after orthopedic surgery can be… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli
Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend - Thanksgiving 2017

Wellness Wednesdays – 11/7/18

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Tips for Managing Holiday Eating by Patricia Holt, registered dietitian at Pentucket Medical Associates It’s hard to eat well around the holidays, full of rich meals and desserts. With planning, you can celebrate without losing track of your healthy lifestyle or blood glucose targets. Enjoy holiday foods by keeping the portions… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

Wellness Wednesdays – 10/31/18

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Even Short Walks Good for the Brain, Research Says Have one of those days where you can barely work up the energy to meet most of your own basic needs, let alone put in the work to get in some vigorous exercise? As it turns out, you may not need… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

Wellness Wednesdays – 10/24/18

WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK Work a Desk Job? Here Are Some Ways to Stay Well In Spite of the Screens Those of us that work desk jobs can have a pretty difficult time remembering not only to get our eyes off the screen, but also to get up and move every once in a… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli
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