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Community Health Centers

The Challenges of Providing Equal Health Care Access to All. As CEO of Lowell Community Health Center (CHC), I am often asked just what a community health center is. I tell people that a CHC is like any other primary care provider, with one exception: We do not, indeed we cannot, turn anyone away due… Read More

Susan West Levine

He’s not just the doctor… He’s also a client.

( sponsored ) Trying to work up the motivation and drive to start a weight loss plan is frustrating enough on its own, but then you’ve got to pick from one of many, many options. Which ones really work? How can you discern fact from fiction? Is there any truth to those before-and-after pictures? With… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

From Child Health to Physical Therapy: Innovation at Anna Jaques Hospital

Anna Jaques Hospital has long been at the forefront of innovation.   ( sponsored ) When Alison Sekelsky, BSN, RNC, assumed responsibility as Director of Maternal Child Health three years ago at Anna Jaques Hospital, Newburyport, Mass., she knew this. She had worked as staff nurse and clinical educator at the hospital for 14 years… Read More

Bonnie Mason

Customized Fitness

Boutique Gyms Bring the Heat Boutique fitness is heating up from Los Angeles to the Merrimack Valley, a trend that is resonating with fit folks who are looking to enhance their exercise routines while also benefiting from a more intimate and personalized workout experience. Boutique gyms focus their energy on a specific type of workout…. Read More

Beth Daigle
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