Designing Trends – Kitchen & Bath Trends

This January, I had the good fortune to be one of 18 design bloggers chosen to attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, also known as KBIS. This annual event in Las Vegas is the largest kitchen and bath show in the world. Spread out among several buildings and thousands of square feet of showrooms,… Read More

Linda Holt

Right as Rain Style Guide

There are many ways to describe a New England rainfall — drizzle, downpour, shower and drencher to name a few. Thankfully, there are just as many ways to dress for one. We’ve “poured” over the latest wet weather looks for spring and compiled a virtual closet of rainwear created for coverage, comfort and style. You’ll… Read More

Alyson Aiello

Style File – Secrets of the Sharp Dressed Man

I admit it. I’ve always found menswear to be something of a mystery. I’ve wondered how a bright red and green paisley tie seemed to match perfectly with a purple pin-striped dress shirt. Or how all those layers — the undershirt, the dress shirt, the vest — never look overdone. It all looks just right, all... Read More
Alyson Aiello
Danielle Niles

Style File – Dressed for the Weather

WBZ-TV’s AccuWeather Meteorologist Danielle Niles Getting dressed in the morning can be challenging for most women, but WBZ-TV’s AccuWeather Meteorologist Danielle Niles has her wardrobe down to a “science.” She looks fabulous no matter what the weather has to offer. I started “dressing” Niles back in 2008 when she made her broadcast debut on New… Read More

Susan Kanoff
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