Going to the Wall

Who Needs Paint? Metallic Wallpaper Can Transform Any Space from Dull to Luxurious. Wallpaper is back and better than ever! Today, there are graphic and bold designs appealing to a wide variety of styles and tastes. When eye-catching metallic prints are added to the design, the reflected light adds a luxurious sheen to any space or… Read More

Lysa Pelletier

Style Profile: Meet Jaime Sloan

Dani Kaye’s “Anti-fashion Fashion-girl” (Sponsored) A women’s lifestyle boutique, North Andover’s Dani Kaye offers contemporary fashion, fine gifts and jewelry. The store, which opened in 2017, reflects owner Jaime Sloan’s unexpected journey from the Merrimack Valley to Montreal to New York and back home again. The vision for Dani Kaye began years ago when Sloan went to McGill… Read More

Brianna Moran

Top Gears: Watch Collectors in the Age of the Internet

When I was a boy, my grandfather gave me a Timex watch with a blue face and a rotating bezel as a birthday present. I wore it to bed that night. It disappeared into the attic one spring, and I haven’t seen it since. In the ’90s, I bought my last watch. When I selected… Read More

Doug Sparks

Style with a Smile

When I was growing up, back-to-school shopping meant a pack of No. 2 pencils, a black and white composition book and maybe a pair of tennis shoes or Mary Janes. Now, it’s mini-erasers shaped like pandas and elephants, fidget spinners and light-up Skechers. The basic accessories of the ’60s and ’70s are over, and kids… Read More

Elizabeth MacLean
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