Good Eats – Applecrest Farm Bistro

How does a spot like Applecrest Farm Bistro manage to fly under the radar? The complex, less than 20 minutes off Route 1 in Hampton Falls, N.H., boasts an ice cream stand, an impressive indoor farm market, a snack corner with homemade goods and a coffee bar, and a full-service restaurant that serves three meals… Read More

Dean Johnson

Good Eats – Elm Square Oyster Co.

If there is an absolute truth about downtown Andover restaurants, it’s this: You better do it right, or you don’t have a chance. There are just too many other good dining options. Elm Square Oyster Co. does it right.  The three-room eatery occupies the space that once housed Bin 28, later called Brasserie 28. The same ownership… Read More

Dean Johnson

Wine Notes – Etiquette

Have you ever asked for a straw with your glass of wine? That’s exactly what I want to do when I’m served wine in a small glass filled to the brim. I have learned not to order wine at these restaurants since I will undoubtedly be disappointed and potentially insulting to the waitstaff. Don’t blame… Read More

Steven Goddu

Sizzling Spices and Smoking Scallops

My Day as a Food Judge Over a month ago, I was reading about the upcoming Lowell Chopped competition and the 2016 Lowell Food and Wine Festival. Without thinking much of it, I mentioned it to mvm owner and publisher Glenn Prezzano: “This sounds like a fun gig. I wonder how people get to be… Read More

Doug Sparks
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