From Boxford to Bordeaux

Area Winemaker Finds Success at California Vineyard. Following your passions seems like a path to a happier life, but it’s never that easy. It takes focus and hard work to realize your dreams. Peter Merriam of Boxford heard the calling and followed through with the research, planning and investment required to own and run an… Read More

Digital Manager

Wine Notes – Enjoying Riesling

I have this fantasy that someday mvm will fly me around the globe so I can write about the various wine regions. In a concession to reality, I try to include a wine experience as part of our vacation planning. This past summer THE wife and I (she insists I capitalize “THE”) drove to Niagara Falls…. Read More

Steven Goddu

From the Kitchen – Is Survival on the Menu?

What’s new? A question often asked rhetorically can be a loaded one. I cringe at the response: “(Big sigh.) Well, I’ll tell you …” I’m sure we all know some literal folks we won’t ask without having the time to listen: “Well, I was just shopping, got some lovely vegetables, I changed detergents, and did… Read More

Scott Plath

Comfort in a Bowl

A Merrimack Valley Chowder Crawl. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than a bowl of something hot and fragrant, and when you live in New England, chowder is the go-to option. We tasted chowders from around the region and found excellent choices in a range of dining styles. Whether you want a special spot… Read More

Suzanne DeWitt
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