From the Kitchen – The Kitchen Unscripted

It’s all fun and games for chefs on TV — Mario Batali’s chubby ponytail and metro Crocs, Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell competing for most ridiculous hair, and Gordon Ramsay screaming bloody insults, knowing that the cameras are protecting him from a reciprocal punch in the nose! In real kitchens — the sharp, hot, greasy… Read More

Scott Plath

Wine Notes – Pineapple Wine in Paradise

After 25 years of marriage, my wife and I celebrated with a vacation in Hawaii. You might think that my touring priorities would have focused on the beaches, volcanos and rain forest, but instead I thought: Do they grow grapes and do they make wine? An internet search revealed two wineries — one on Maui… Read More

Steven Goddu

Good Eats – The Birch on Elm

Oh great. Another restaurant has opened in downtown Manchester, N.H. Well, why not? Few things keep a city center vital and evolving more than a lively restaurant scene, especially during evening hours. The Birch on Elm is one of the city’s newest additions, and though it is still working out the always tough task of… Read More

Dean Johnson

Wine Notes – Corks, Zorks and Boxes, Oh My

My wife and I recently planned a special night out at Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, N.H. The food is great and they have a wonderful and extensive wine list, so I checked out their offerings online before we went and decided on the wine we would order. At the restaurant, I asked the waitress to… Read More

Steven Goddu
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