Wine Notes – Chianti Reborn

Every time I get the opportunity to speak with successful winemakers, I am inspired by their ability to work under unpredictable conditions to produce the best product they can. Plus, their product is wine and we know drinking wine makes people happy.  Although I don’t get to travel as frequently as I would like, the… Read More

Steven Goddu

Sazon Peru

There is a backstory to this review of the Lawrence eatery Sazon Peru. I originally intended to review it late last summer, and was, in fact, driving there on Interstate 495 when disaster struck and Lawrence, Andover and North Andover exploded. Instead of dining on delicious fusion cuisine, we were gridlocked on the highway as dozens… Read More

Dean Johnson

MWM Seeks Wealthy, Adventurous Food Lover …

Loud banging on the door, a blue light flashing in the driveway, and shouts of “N.Y.P.D.!”  “Sergeant Pepper-oni with your pizza, perps.”  “New York Pizza Delivers” is one of my earliest conceptualizations — a decadeslong creative burn. It evolved in response to a shortage of great New York-style pizza options — my “life sentence” since… Read More

Scott Plath

Wine Notes – Raising the Bar

Managing your expectations is an essential task in ensuring happiness and pleasure. If you set the bar too high, you will be constantly disappointed by the outcomes. In general, I have learned to set the bar a bit lower because I enjoy being happy … except when it comes to wine. I can’t help myself…. Read More

Steven Goddu
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