Dirt Road Home

Driving down the dirt road home, it was the trees you saw first, all New England a forest. I have seen you get out of a car, breathe in the sky, the green of summer maples, listen for the talk of birds and squirrels, the murmur of earthworms beneath your feet. When you looked toward… Read More

Tara Masih

Behind the Scenes – Lowell’s Angkor Dance Troupe

Founded in 1986 by Lowell’s Cambodian refugees as a way to preserve their culture’s ancient dance traditions, many Valley residents have seen the Angkor Dance Troupe perform. ( they’ve danced at the inauguration of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.) But few people outside the organization know what happens behind the scenes to make possible the technically… Read More

Adrien Bisson

Midday Celebrations – Merrimack Valley Lunch Spots

The meal we call lunch has had many identities. The “Mad men” had the liquid lunch, the movers and shakers of the 1980s had the power lunch, and New York City socialites are “ladies who lunch.” Though it often makes sense to economize your midday meal by eating last night’s leftovers, there are times when… Read More

Christine Lewis

The Rules of Pickup Basketball

Summer’s favorite sounds play out in different ways to the good folks of the Merrimack Valley. For some, it’s the unmistakable splash of waves on rocks or sand. For others, it’s hamburgers sizzling on a grill. But for a small and dedicated Valley cult, there is only one warm-weather sound that really matters: the thump-thump-thump... Read More
Dean Johnson
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