Wine Notes – Etiquette

Have you ever asked for a straw with your glass of wine? That’s exactly what I want to do when I’m served wine in a small glass filled to the brim. I have learned not to order wine at these restaurants since I will undoubtedly be disappointed and potentially insulting to the waitstaff. Don’t blame… Read More

Steven Goddu

Sizzling Spices and Smoking Scallops

My Day as a Food Judge Over a month ago, I was reading about the upcoming Lowell Chopped competition and the 2016 Lowell Food and Wine Festival. Without thinking much of it, I mentioned it to mvm owner and publisher Glenn Prezzano: “This sounds like a fun gig. I wonder how people get to be… Read More

Doug Sparks

Eight Great Things To Do This Weekend – TLFWF Edition

This Mill City mainstay will return to the streets in early September for three days and three nights of culinary exploration. Put on by Made In Lowell, an organization dedicated to bringing the city’s community together, the Lowell Food & Wine Festival encompasses eight different events — each with their own featured flavors. 1. Opening… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

Wine Notes – The Crush

Harvest season is a time for celebrations. We give thanks, and we reap what we have sown. We celebrate our successes and ponder our failures. Each year brings a different set of challenges for grape farmers, who diligently adjust growing conditions, such as soil moisture and the amount of fruit allowed to develop on each… Read More

Steven Goddu
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