Long and Winding Road

Despite our collective vow that we would be going straight home after dinner, I detoured the car unexpectedly into the darkish parking lot of an all-but-abandoned strip mall — a depressing scene where only two businesses remained. The tired chicken wings sports bar groaned in the corner its being “Open,” but we headed instead to… Read More

Scott Plath

Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 5/16/19

ONE: The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race’s STEAMpunk Soiree at The Keep is the place to see and be seen. Dashing rogues and daring flappers, fun-loving gentlemen and ladies of taste and decorum, come and join us for this exclusive evening of friendly wagered card-playing, drinking, and people-watching at a special, private event at the Keep… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

CSA Merrimack Valley: Honey and Vinegar

Farmers markets and CSA shares in early spring often include produce that’s unfamiliar to many people. Spring in New England produces a variety of bitter lettuces, pungent greens, spicy root vegetables and brightly flavored herbs. Finding a way to use these fresh local ingredients can be a challenge. However, other readily available ingredients can add… Read More

Marc and Christopher Horne

Wine Notes – Allegrini Vive! ( Part 1)

During New Hampshire Wine Week in January, I met with several winemakers, including Marilisa Allegrini of Allegrini Estates in Italy’s Valpolicella region. Allegrini flew from Milan to Boston and was directly escorted to the wine cellar at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, N.H., where we conducted our interview. This was Allegrini’s first visit to New… Read More

Steven Goddu
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