Eight Great Things To Do This Weekend – 9/5/19

WEEKEND EVENTS ONE: Enjoy more than 50 brews while listening to four local, national and international blues bands. The Blues N Brews festival will take place at JFK Plaza in Lowell, from 1 to 8 p.m, this Saturday. *** TWO: Join MSPCA at Methuen’s Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery for the Lanterns of Remembrance celebration, this Friday, at… Read More

Jaden Mendola

Eight Great Things To Do This Weekend – 8/29/19

WEEKEND EVENTS ONE: The Saint Anthony Church, located in Lawrence, will be hosting the 45th Annual Lebanese Mahrajan from August 30 to September 1. There will be authentic Mediterranean food and sweets, activities for the children, drinks and entertainment by Amin Sultan and Ensemble. *** TWO: Enjoy the Tex-Mex powerhouse The Mavericks this Friday at 7:30 p.m., while… Read More

Jaden Mendola

The Souls of Vegan Cafes

I have a bike that is 22 years old. Last winter, mice chewed most of its seat away, and when we brought it in for that and some other repairs, the technician looked at it dubiously and said, “I assume you want the most economical options for parts?” It felt like standing outside an elderly relative’s… Read More

Sarah Courchesne

Good Eats – Real

It is a common story in the restaurant business: A chef spends several years getting established at a respected eatery and along the way garners kudos for his or her work. With that acclaim and experience, they take the next step and start their own place. And so it has happened again, and Groton’s loss… Read More

Dean Johnson
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