Wine Notes – The Freak of Austria

It’s never easy to step out of your comfort zone. We find something we like, or dislike, and stick with our opinion. If you are truly interested in expanding your knowledge of wine, you must be open-minded and try everything. Sometimes I make it a point to taste wines that I am sure I won’t… Read More

Steven Goddu

Within the Old Walls of a Lawrence Mill Building … Change is Brewing

John Cornejo, a Lawrence native affectionately known as “El Padrino” (translation: The Godfather), is the innovative founder of Spicket River Brewery, and he’s betting his craft-style servings will be an offering that the local community can’t refuse.  “I’ve been home-brewing for about 10 years. I got the beer to a level where I started getting… Read More

Adam Tokarz

CSA Merrimack Valley – Harvest (Part 1)

At summer’s end, the warm days and cool nights allow us to step away from our grills, return to the kitchen and turn on our stoves.  We can saute, boil, roast and sear without overheating our homes. While we encouraged you last time to grill everything in sight, this time of year we’re excited to… Read More

Marc and Christopher Horne

A View from the Kitchen – Work Hard, Play Harder

Not being a hypocrite can be hard. Take this column, for example. Feeling overwhelmed on Martha’s Vineyard (I know, poor me), failing to relax on our annual family vacation, I text-requested my magazine boss to let me have this issue off — perhaps instead posting: Plath’s Gone Fishing. I need a vacation, I may have… Read More

Scott Plath
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