From the Kitchen – Random Happy Thoughts

We arrived for our annual ferry ride J.I.T. Just in time. Beyond being an inventory control strategy for increasing both efficiency and working capital, J.I.T. is a truism that has defined my life. Chasing the school bus back in the day, studying for exams throughout, negotiating deals, the dinner rush … almost always properly prepared,… Read More

Scott Plath

Good Eats – The Bancroft

Sometimes you can learn more about a restaurant when things go wrong than when everything is perfect. During a visit to The Bancroft — a popular new upscale steak house in the 3rd Ave shopping center in Burlington, a town that is fast becoming a food mecca — the unthinkable occurred. They messed up my… Read More

Dean Johnson

Lowell Food & Wine Festival

Indulge in Culinary Delights for a Good Cause This September. Lowell’s nickname is “The Mill City,” a tribute to the days in the mid-1800s when it was the country’s first large-scale factory town and in the process of earning its reputation as the “Cradle of the American Industrial Revolution.” But the Bay State’s fourth-largest city… Read More

Dean Johnson

From the Kitchen – Southeast Asia is Hella-Hot

Chef and I embraced the burn as we sampled a plate of my recently smuggled Cambodian peanuts. “Dude, these need to go on the menu.” The fun never ends! She separated, as we debated, ingredient ratios of crispy bits of fiery, red Thai chili peppers, flakes of bright green and sweet Kaffir lime leaves, and… Read More

Scott Plath
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