Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 5/23/19

Featured photo: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in “Hot Fuzz.” Photo credit: Universal Pictures. ONE: Hilarious British buddy-cop comedy “Hot Fuzz,” with the winning duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at the helm, will be the latest movie shown as part of Haverhill’s Popcorn Roulette series. Catch the funny flick this Friday at… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

Of Hives and Honey

Beekeepers Keep the MV Buzzing Twenty years ago, Tom Rando kept a handful of apple trees on his Andover property. The trees weren’t producing much fruit, so Rando thought it might help to have pollinators nearby. He built a hive in his backyard, provided almost no care and collected over 200 pounds of honey that… Read More

Liz Michalski

Long and Winding Road

Despite our collective vow that we would be going straight home after dinner, I detoured the car unexpectedly into the darkish parking lot of an all-but-abandoned strip mall — a depressing scene where only two businesses remained. The tired chicken wings sports bar groaned in the corner its being “Open,” but we headed instead to… Read More

Scott Plath

Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 5/16/19

ONE: The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race’s STEAMpunk Soiree at The Keep is the place to see and be seen. Dashing rogues and daring flappers, fun-loving gentlemen and ladies of taste and decorum, come and join us for this exclusive evening of friendly wagered card-playing, drinking, and people-watching at a special, private event at the Keep… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli
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