Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 5/24/18

ONE: Tupelo Music Hall’s 9th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash to Support the Brad Delp Foundation is Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Make no mistake, though: this isn’t just Dylan. This show will bring together some of the area’s most talented musicians to celebrate all the best music of 1968, 50 years later, in support of… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

The Good Life – 5/18/18

THIS WEEK’S TOP TREAT Golden Apple Market May 19 – 20 at 10 a.m. Cider Hill Farm | Amesbury, Mass. | | (978) 388-5525 Cider Hill Farm’s FIRST Golden Apple Market, an event that will showcase the best local artisan and farmhouse finds, will take place this weekend! This event will include a cider garden hosted by… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli
Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend - 5/17/18

Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 5/17/18

ONE: Stroll through historic downtown Newburyport and the Tannery, collecting chocolate treats from over 30 stores and cafes during the 15th Annual Newburyport Chocolate Tour on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. It probably goes without saying, but this is one for hardcore chocolate lovers … and your loved ones who happen to be chocolate… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

A View From the Kitchen: Milestones

“It feels like the Roaring ’20s,” said a business friend, describing the booming economy in late 2007. For the first time, typical hamburgers began to eclipse $10 as steaks climbed to over thirty. Thirty dollars! Industry sales had been steadily climbing to new heights, and our first restaurant had just enjoyed a sales zenith. Cobblestones… Read More

Scott Plath
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