Wine Notes – Innovation Comes to the Old World

When I meet with winemakers, I always ask what they are doing to create better and more interesting products. Domestic producers often tell me about the great new blends they’re creating that will take the market by storm. The Italians I speak with always seem to respond the same way, emphasizing the traditions of old… Read More

Steven Goddu

A View from the Kitchen – The Paradise of Mindlessness

“Trump” lied in representing the losers’ team: “You cheated. Amberjack is not edible.” It was his second justification for their refusal to pay the full bet that he proposed hours earlier: $100 for the largest keeper. He circled our beer-laden beachside dinner table, tossing each of us five winners a 10-dollar bill — his nickname… Read More

Scott Plath

Eight Great Things To Do This Weekend – 7/4/19

WEEKEND EVENTS ONE: Today, celebrate your holiday at the Independence Day Celebration in Lowell. There will be a bounce house, obstacle course, giant slide, fireworks and much more. The celebration will be taking place at Edward A. LeLacheur Park from 6:30 to 11:59 p.m. TWO: Comedian Bob Marley will be performing at the Blue Ocean Music Hall… Read More

Jaden Mendola

Fungal Matters – Cultivating Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds

The comings and goings of mushrooms are inscrutable. At least to the untrained eye, which mine is. There was the tuft of alcohol inkies that appeared overnight in the middle of the yard one year and then melted away and never came back; the batch of cheery yellow parasol mushrooms in the pot of a… Read More

Sarah Courchesne
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