The Good Life – 10/20/17

The Good Life is Merrimack Valley Magazine’s weekly roundup of “the finer things in life,” from wine tastings to special dinners at local restaurants. *** THIS WEEK’S TOP TREAT Craft Beer Dinner featuring Southern Tier Brewing Co. Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. Stonehedge Hotel & Spa | Tyngsborough, Mass. | | (978) 649-4400 What better way to… Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli
Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend - 10/19/17

Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend – 10/19/17

ONE: In “Silent Sky,” astronomer Henrietta Leavitt trades the comforts of her rural home for a job at the Harvard Observatory in Massachusetts. Her ambition leaves both her family and her new colleagues perplexed. But with a single discovery, their views of themselves, each other and the universe itself will be upended for all time…. Read More

Joseph Girard-Meli

The Merrimack Valley’s Original Fast Food Sandwich

Before national chains covered our country from coast to coast with their “one hamburger fits all” business approach, local cities and towns had homegrown fast food. Compared with today, dining out before the 1950s was shockingly rare, and the popularity of cheap, quick food relied on broad and instant appeal. Fast food in Philadelphia was… Read More

Christine Lewis

Farm Fresh Meals for Fall #4 – Apple Crisp

Just as the weather changes with the seasons, so do our palates. And with the arrival of fall, it’s time to take advantage of the Merrimack Valley’s bountiful harvest. Here, local farmers and community gardeners share favorite recipes that are sure to tempt your autumn appetite. Apple Crisp  from Mann Orchards Ingredients: 5 medium-size apples,… Read More

Michelle Xiarhos Curran
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