Lowell Food & Wine Festival

Indulge in Culinary Delights for a Good Cause This September. Lowell’s nickname is “The Mill City,” a tribute to the days in the mid-1800s when it was the country’s first large-scale factory town and in the process of earning its reputation as the “Cradle of the American Industrial Revolution.” But the Bay State’s fourth-largest city… Read More

Dean Johnson

According to Glenn – Game 7s

There’s nothing like hockey in May … except hockey in June.  Although it’s been three decades since all but one of my allegiances became everything Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts and New England, I still bleed a shade of blue that only exists for a hockey team that plays on Broadway (well, Seventh Avenue, actually). My disappointment… Read More

Glenn Prezzano

Matters of Life & Beth – The Value of Volunteering

“Doing something for nothing” is a phrase I once heard describing volunteering. I’d never thought much about it until I began volunteering myself, and then realized that “nothing” is actually very much something. By that I mean that the unquantifiable rewards that come from acting selflessly are rather significant. My first stop as a volunteer… Read More

Beth Daigle

The Grandmother of All Sandwiches

A Tour of the Merrimack Valley’s Roast Beef Sandwich Shops (Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the May/June 2015 issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine. ) For Lisa Maria Koukos, food is love. When she met her future husband, Angelo, he was working at the drive-thru at Jillie’s Family Restaurant in Lowell. She learned that Angelo… Read More

Doug Sparks
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