Merrimack Valley Businesses That Give Back to the Community

Merrimack Valley businesses are the backbone of the local economy and many of them support their communities in a variety of ways, such as through the sponsorship of events, employee volunteerism and financial donations. Here are just a few of our area’s shining lights, companies that make an effort to give back to the community not just during… Read More

Anne Broyles

City of Spindles: A Smithsonian Place of Invention

Most cities grow organically around a central starting point. But Lowell isn’t your garden variety city. Its beginnings were auspicious enough that the Smithsonian’s National of American History has included the city in a video series called “Places of Invention.” When the 19th century invention of the power loom led to America’s first textile mills, it… Read More

Suzanne DeWitt

Free Verse: Young, local poets are discovering the power of speaking their minds

Strolling along Market Street in downtown Lowell on a Tuesday evening, everything’s pretty quiet. As dusk fades colors to shades of gray, the only activity seems to emanate from a few bars with televisions flickering at empty stools. But amid an otherwise mundane weekday night, a standing-room-only crowd at Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus overflows onto the… Read More

Will Courtney

Community Spotlight: Made in Lowell

For many nonprofits, a meal is a way to raise money to fund other events. For Made in Lowell, the meal is the event. But it took a trip halfway around the world for organization founder and CEO Tobias Marx to figure that out. Marx, a chef by trade, visited East Africa as a volunteer… Read More

Liz Michalski
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