Matters of Life & Beth – The Value of Volunteering

“Doing something for nothing” is a phrase I once heard describing volunteering. I’d never thought much about it until I began volunteering myself, and then realized that “nothing” is actually very much something. By that I mean that the unquantifiable rewards that come from acting selflessly are rather significant. My first stop as a volunteer… Read More

Beth Daigle

The Grandmother of All Sandwiches

A Tour of the Merrimack Valley’s Roast Beef Sandwich Shops For Lisa Maria Koukos, food is love. When she met her future husband, Angelo, he was working at the drive-thru at Jillie’s Family Restaurant in Lowell. She learned that Angelo was a former farmer from Greece. He had immigrated to the United States to find his… Read More

Doug Sparks

According to Glenn – What Are Friends For?

“I see it’s more than one page now,” my childhood friend Adam said dryly via text message late one Friday afternoon in March, referring to my column in the last issue of mvm. “No, not normally,” I told him. “I went long, and we had the space available.” Then I told him the subject of… Read More

Glenn Prezzano

Matters of Life & Beth – Ask and You Shall Receive

My wish to be a judge is granted – twice. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney You may recall from my November/December 2014 column about bucket lists that my top to-do was to be a part of a judging panel. Sharing this aspiration resulted… Read More

Beth Daigle
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