Element Care: Keeping PACE With Local Seniors

What the local senior community needs is a single location where all medical, social, home care, and nutritional concerns are addressed. This facility also would offer cooking classes, rehab services, outdoor recreation and exercise equipment. And for those who qualify, this one-stop shop also would feature full-time physicians, a low participant-to-staff ratio, and assistance with… Read More

Scott Shurtleff

The Foxes of Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach is best known for its arcades, easily accessible beaches, camping and great seafood. Most beachgoers aren’t aware, however, of the wildlife that goes about its business just a short distance away. Seabirds, hawks, seals, mice, rabbits and foxes — yes, foxes — are living and thriving at Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Salisbury Beach… Read More

Deborah Venuti

Belleville Roots Music Concert Series

Roots, by nature, probe outward while providing a solid footing. The Belleville Roots Music Series has done just that, imbedding itself in the fertile ground of Newburyport culture while spreading its message to a broader audience. Now in its sixth year, this ongoing series of concerts at Belleville Congregational Church has featured such performers as… Read More

Scott Shurtleff


What does yoga mean to you? For most, it conjures an exercise in peace, love and flexibility. And even as millions join this 21st century fitness fad, yoga’s basic tenets — learning to control the body and mind — are the same as they were when Hindus and Buddhists were practicing them two millennia ago…. Read More

Will Courtney
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