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Little Bitz – The Case in the History of Martha Sparks

The most famous accused witch in Chelmsford history was Martha Sparks (no presumed relationship with this author, another Chelmsford resident). She was born in Braintree in 1656 and moved to Chelmsford to raise a family with her husband, Henry. According to Wilson Waters’ 1917 “History of Chelmsford,” this passage quoted from Cotton Mather’s “Magnalia Christi… Read More

Doug Sparks

Corporate Gift Giving Program Shines at Rose & Dove

When it comes time to thank their employees, local companies such as Comcast and MFA have turned to North Andover’s Rose & Dove Specialty Gift Shop for personalized help. Located on Chickering Road, right off Main Street, Rose & Dove is well-known among locals as the go-to place for wedding, baby and hostess gifts with… Read More

Doug Sparks

Style with a Smile

When I was growing up, back-to-school shopping meant a pack of No. 2 pencils, a black and white composition book and maybe a pair of tennis shoes or Mary Janes. Now, it’s mini-erasers shaped like pandas and elephants, fidget spinners and light-up Skechers. The basic accessories of the ’60s and ’70s are over, and kids… Read More

Elizabeth MacLean
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