What’s the Buzz at Orangetheory?

Popular Fitness Gym Uses Science to Maximize Workouts (sponsored)

In 2010, the first Orangetheory Fitness studio opened its doors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, more than 1000 additional locations have sprung up and Orangetheory Fitness has become the fastest growing brand in fitness today. 

So, what is all the excitement about?

Orangetheory Fitness is a popular hour-long, full-body group workout that combines cardio and strength training. The participants focus on heart rate-based training guaranteed to produce results from the inside out. Workouts are inspired and led by certified coaches to ensure you don’t overtrain or undertrain, giving each individual the personal attention they need to reach their fitness goals. 

Workouts follow a general outline for every class, but no two are the same. Each one-hour session combines cardio on the treadmills and WaterRower rowing machines with strength and power training on the weight floor. 

“Members can expect an experience that accommodates them, their fitness goals and any restrictions or limitations they may have,” says Scott Gordon, who has been the franchise owner of the Chelmsford and Methuen Orangetheory Fitness locations for two years.

The focus on individual goals is one of the main factors that separates Orangetheory Fitness from other gyms. 

Heart-rate based training is another unique aspect of the Orangetheory workout. Using heart rate monitoring technology, progress is tracked and displayed on large screens in the studio so you can monitor your performance. Workout summaries are emailed to you and stored in the app so you can easily compare prior workouts and track improvement.

Photo courtesy Orangetheory Fitness

The high-tech, data-driven approach means you are able to monitor and adjust your workout intensity to achieve the maximum benefits from training. Spending 12 to 18 minutes of activity in the higher heart-rate zones triggers the body to achieve a state called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity is referred to as the after-burn effect. You continue to burn calories post-workout, 24 to 36 hours after completion. The positive effects continue as you sleep. 

“You proceed at your own pace,” says Gordon. “What puts you in those heart-rate zones may be different than your peers, but the fact that you’re in the same heart-rate zones means you’re getting the same results.”

Ask anyone who has joined and you’ll hear the same refrain: Members get more than just improved physical fitness. “Apart from training, Orangetheory Fitness creates a social environment. You’re accomplishing things for yourself, but because you are in a group setting, members are supporting each other throughout the workout,” says Gordon.

Gordon notes that this sense of community is an organic byproduct of the gym’s group training. These relationships often extend beyond the studio, with members meeting up for social activities.

For Orangetheory Fitness, this focus on community is reinforced in their memberships, which can be used across any studio in the network. You feel comfortable traveling outside of your home gym to other locations because the workouts and atmosphere remain consistent throughout all Orangetheory Fitness locations. No matter what studio you go to, the walls are always orange and the heart rate-based workouts continue to yield the same impressive results.

“At Orangetheory Fitness, you are guaranteed a one-hour full-body workout, focused on heart rate-based training, that will provide results from inside out,” says Gordon. “Orangetheory is backed by science, proven to burn more calories post workout, and tracked by technology, so you can monitor your results in real time.”

If you’re interested in finding out what the buzz is about, give Scott and his team a call and sign up for a free class. For the Chelmsford location visit Chelmsford.OrangetheoryFitness.com or call (978) 577-5901. In Methuen, find them at Methuen.OrangetheoryFitness.com or (978) 620-5850.  


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