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The Importance of Preventative Health Care Services

by Pentucket Medical Associates

Did you know that in the United States, Americans use preventative health care services about half the recommended amount? Despite the benefits of preventative health care services, many of us choose to go without them.

Seven out of 10 deaths are attributed to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These diseases are often preventable and with regular screenings be identified in the early stages.

Recommended steps to being your healthiest are annual physical exams, age-appropriate screenings, immunizations as needed as well as engaging in lifestyle choices that include physical activity, sleep and a healthy diet.

Learn what you can do by checking out these health preventive guidelines: Men’s Health Guidelines and Women’s Health Guidelines.



Easy Ways To Form A Good Habit That Sticks

Building habits that are healthy and beneficial may seem tough, but it can be easier that you think. The Guardian breaks down this seemingly intimidating process into five easy steps.

Identify a cue

Forming a habit is trying to form a cue-behavior link in your memory, meaning you perform the behavior without intentionally having to make yourself do it. Cues can be internal or external (for example, feeling hungry or making a cup of tea) and are most effective when encountered every day, including the weekend, to minimise daily planning and willpower.

Be specific

Narrow down what you want to do. Don’t say something broad like, “I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.” You need to have a specific plan to work out exactly when and how you’re going to do that – for example, by having fruit and vegetables in the house.

Think about who you are

There is some evidence to suggest we are more likely to create a habit when it connects to our sense of identity. Some habits are representations of certain important goals or values. Take a person who is very concerned about the environment – habits that relate to environmentally friendly behavior link to that identity. If you manage to link certain behaviors to your sense of identity, it might help to establish those habits.

Learn about more how you can from good habits here.

Does Vitamin A Help Reduce Skin Cancer Risk?

A balanced diet requires, among other things, an appropriate intake of vitamins that are essential for health.

According to Medical New Today, one vitamin that humans need in order to stay healthy is vitamin A, which supports growth and development, as well as eye health, reproductive health, and skin health.

Based on the analysis of nonprofit organization and advocacy group Skin Cancer Foundation, participants who were on the higher end of the spectrum, in terms of vitamin A intake, seemed to have a lower risk of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

Still, more research needs to be done, but the study strongly suggest that a substantial vitamin A intake is essential for protection against skin cancer.



August 11

Groundwork Lawrence’s Greenway 5k

The Greenway 5k is an annual event hosted by Groundwork Lawrence to promote health, fitness and open spaces. This event aims to support members of the community in their efforts to lead healthier lifestyles and encourage walking and running along the Spicket River Greenway.

Lawrence, Mass. | GroundworkLawrence.org

August 12

29th Annual Anna Jaques Hospital Fore Your Health Golf Tournament

The Haverhill Country Club will host the 29th Annual “Fore Your Health” Golf Tournament on Monday, August 12th. Proceeds benefit the AJH operating room expansion project and campaign to expand surgical services, “Stepping Forward.”

Haverhill, Mass. | AJH.org

August 14

The Stevens-Coolidge Kids Night Out

In this family-friendly series, participants are encouraged to pack a picnic and head to The Stevens-Coolidge gardens for some old-fashioned nighttime fun with the neighborhood. There will be lawn games, story time and, of course, a fire pit and s’mores.

North Andover, Mass. | TheTrustees.org


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