Wellness Wednesdays – 7/24/19

Orangetheory Fitness is a popular hour-long, full-body group workout that combines cardio and strength training.

We focus on heart rate-based training guaranteed to produce results from the inside out.  Using heart rate monitoring technology, your progress is tracked and displayed on large screens in the studio so you can monitor your performance in real-time.  Workout summaries are emailed to you and stored in the app so you can compare prior workouts and track improvement.

The workout is backed by science and proven to burn more calories post-workout.  Each workout is inspired and led by certified coaches to make sure you don’t over-train or under-train and you use proper form.  Proper form is not only important for your muscles to gain the most out of every exercise, it also helps eliminate potential injuries.

Your first class is always FREE!  Call to book a class and find out for yourself how Orangetheory Fitness can become part of your fitness journey

Orangetheory Fitness Methuen @ the Loop | 978.620.5850

Orangetheory Fitness Chelmsford @ Drum Hill | 978.577.5901


Muscle Dysmorphia on the Rise

Body dysmorphia comes in many shapes and sizes. Muscle dysmorphia, sometimes nicknamed “bigorexia,” is a form of body dysmorphia where the individual becomes obsessed with becoming bigger or more muscular, regardless of their size. Muscle dysmorphia can consume an individual’s life and often leads to eating disorders, dangerous drug use and the sacrifice of social relationships.

The Guardian notes that there has been a substantial rise in muscle dysmorphia over the past few decades, and this continuing rise can largely be attributed to changes in male body image over time. 80s movies like Rambo and The Terminator paved the way for the hyper-masculine male body we see today in superhero movies like Aquaman and The Avengers.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with going to the gym, making sure that you’re going for the right reasons is very important. Health and wellness should always be a top priority.

Bacteria the New Cancer Killer?

According to The New York Times, scientists have used genetically reprogrammed bacteria to destroy tumors in mice. The innovative method one day may lead to cancer therapies that treat the disease more precisely, without the side effects of conventional drugs.

Dr. Danino co-founded a company, GenCirq, that is exploring using these reprogrammed bacteria to treat cancer. The goal is to treat some forms of metastatic cancer with a pill of programmed bacteria. In earlier research, Dr. Danino and colleagues showed that bacteria swallowed by mice can reach the liver and invade tumors there.



July 28

31st Annual Cycle for Shelter

Emmaus | Haverhill, Mass. | (978) 241-3400

July 29

2019 Merrimack Valley YMCA Golf Tournament

Merrimack Valley YMCA | Lawrence, Mass. | (978) 725-6681

July 30

2nd Annual Red Heat Tavern and Burtons Grill & Bar MDA Golf Classic

Butter Brook Golf Club | Westford, Mass. | (978) 549-8681


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