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Believe it is Possible: How One Woman Pursued Her Desire of Becoming a Landlord

by Jim Wilde of Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

Olivia found the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership through a Google search and took both our home buyer and landlord training classes.

She didn’t have a team built and wanted a second opinion on how to approach her first home purchase.  Shortly after completing the program, Olivia met with Ed Alcantara, our homebuyer counselor, for a home readiness assessment. The meeting reinforced what she had learned in the classes. She built her team. Donna Koulas of Northern Bank and Trust was her loan officer. Linda Kody of Kody & Company was her real estate agent. She moved forward with a “MHP One Mortgage” with no private mortgage insurance.

Olivia looked at five homes and found a two family home that was under construction. This was appealing because she was able to customize her home. Purchasing a multifamily home was also appealing since she could become financially independent by having rental income.

To prepare herself for being a landlord, Olivia took our landlord training class. She learned what to expect as a landlord with regard to tenant selection, property maintenance and tenants rights. “The class provided a lot of confidence,” said Olivia. “The selection of tenants is very important so I am careful and thorough. It has worked out well. Believe it is possible!”



The Science of Stress and Deep Relaxation

Sourced from Nate Klemp of inc.com

Often times, achieving relaxation can seem like an almost impossible task. The responsibilities of work, socializing and personal care can be very taxing on one’s mental health and well-being. Add that to the constant stimulation of web-surfing, show-binging and texting and you’re left with virtually no time to relax. According to Scientific American, this perpetual state alertness is what scientist refer to as the “Beta state.” Luckily, there are some very easy relaxation exercises you can do to combat stress and achieve deep relaxation.

It may sound simple, but lying down on your back, for 5 to 30 minutes at a time, can aid in achieving what scientists refer to as the “Alpha state,” the state where your mind starts to slow down, where you feel calm yet alert. Lie on your back, arms at your sides, with the palms of your hands open toward the sky. The best part about this exercise is you can do it at home, work or wherever your favorite relaxation spot may be.

Another easy trick to relax your brain is lengthening your exhale. One of the great insights of the yoga tradition and the science of breathing is the idea that we can induce the relaxation response by lengthening our exhales. To do this, you can use a simple breath ratio: inhale four counts, exhale eight counts. Remember to stay relaxed. Never force the breath. And, if you want to try out an advanced version of the practice, insert a pause for four seconds at the end of each exhale.

Keep Your Calluses: New Research Outlines Comparison Between Shoe-Wearing and Barefoot Walking

For thousands of years, calluses on the hands and feet of humans have served the purpose of toughening skin against the harsh elements of nature. However, in today’s time, calluses are often looked down upon as an ugly nuisance or an unnecessary byproduct of human evolution.

Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, an Edwin M. Lerner II Professor of Biological Science and chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, published his groundbreaking study, Endurance running and the evolution of Homo, in Nature in 2004, and now explores the value of the calluses developed while walking barefoot. After studying how calluses affect the sensitivity of the foot, Lieberman concluded that calluses do not prevent any communication between the force of the feeling of what you are stepping on and what makes its way to the nerve cell to be transmitted to your brain. In addition, calluses have no affect on one’s gait or walking mannerisms. Because of this, Lieberman claims that calluses serve a unique function and aren’t nuisances to be scrubbed away during a pedicure.




July 10

Kids Night Out at The Stevens-Coolidge Place

The Stevens-Coolidge Place | North Andover, Mass. | TheTrustees.org

July 15

Drive for Dignity

Andover Country Club | Andover, Mass. | LazarusHouse.org

July 20

Home Sweet Home Bike Run for 50 Legs

A-Brews Tap & Grill | Dracut, Mass. | ABrews.com

July 30

2nd Annual Red Heat Tavern and Burtons Grill & Bar MDA Golf Classic

Butter Brook Golf Club | Westford, Mass. | (978) 549-8681



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