Wellness Wednesdays – 6/19/19


Home Buyer of the Month: Will

by Jim Wilde of Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

Will ( shown at top of page ) took a home buyer training class in Boston but planned to purchase a three-family home in Lowell. He learned about our landlord training class from his mother.

Will wanted to take this class for a couple of reasons; he wanted to prepare himself to become a property owner with tenants, and he was obtaining an MHP One mortgage which allowed him to purchase with just 5% down.

“Having this class was a requirement in order to get the loan, and I wanted to do this the right way without any regrets,” Will said. Will was very pleased with the service he received from Joe Braga, his loan originator from Santander Bank.

The class gave Will some insight as to what to expect as a landlord. He learned the importance of having good communication with his tenants and to understand their rights. “What I learned in the class greatly reduced the anxiety I had when I was taking over the property. I was not apprehensive about talking with the tenants and kept everything positive. I did not want to increase any rents right away or deal with a possible a vacancy right after buying. I advise anyone buying a multi-family to take the course and treat this as a business.”

Owning a home sunk in after the closing when he got the keys and put them in the door. He thought to himself, “This is my house now and my responsibility. Now when I call the electrician or plumber, I have to pay the bill myself.” Will feels great as a home owner. He feels as though he found a great house after looking for a year. He is the first one in his family to become a homeowner.

“Since I have become a homeowner I am more confident. I’m the first to buy and I know I am an example.”

Congratulations, Will.



New Vaccine in Development Could Mark Monumental Progress for Alzheimer’s Disease

According to WMUR.com, two researchers at the University of New Mexico have been testing a vaccine that could significantly reduce, or even halt, the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Nicole Maphis and Kiran Bhaskar found that when the vaccine was given to mice, they developed antibodies that cleared tau protein, which in excess is a telltale sign of Alzheimer’s. The UNM researchers say that testing confirms their theory that targeting tau tangles using vaccine intervention could rescue memory impairments and prevent neurons from dying.

In the future, Bhaskar said she wants to gain funding to commercialize this vaccine into creating an injection that could one day be tested in human patients with Alzheimer’s.

Stress Relief Found from Unexpected Source

In last week’s Wellness Wednesday, we discussed the relationship between anxiety and technology, particularly in kids. It seems as though there are more people than ever who are suffering with symptoms related to stress and anxiety, which has generated many conversations in the mental health/medical fields. But according to NeuroscienceNews.com, University of Colorado Boulder researchers have identified an anti-inflammatory fat in a soil-dwelling bacterium that may be responsible for reducing anxiety.

The bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, posses stress-quelling properties that could reduce the symptoms of such disorders. It also brings the researchers one step closer to developing a microbe-based “stress vaccine.”

“This is a huge step forward for us because it identifies an active component of the bacteria and the receptor for this active component in the host,” said senior author and Integrative Physiology Professor Christopher Lowry.



June 22 

The Teddybear Picnic at Stevens-Coolidge Place will begin with crafts, bubbles and a bear scavenger hunt, followed by a story time at 2 p.m. and a picnic with light refreshments provided. The Andover Bear Company will also be in attendance to fulfill all your teddy bear needs. North Andover, Mass. | TheTrustees.org

June 23

The Jamaco River Run is a 501(c)(3) charity event that raises much-needed money for youth sports.  It is 100% volunteer based,  and will feature food, beer, kid activities, raffle items, live music and tons of fun.  Merrimac, Mass. | JamacoRiverRun.com

June 24

Urban Adventures is a free summer youth program designed to provide children with a fun-filled summer experience within the heart of Lawrence while promoting activity, environmental stewardship, continued learning, team building, creative expression, and local exploration. Lawrence, Mass. | GroundworkLawrence.org


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