Wedding Trends: From Unplugging to Video Projections, What to Expect in 2019

Katie DeRosa on February 11th, 2019

Before planning begins for a wedding, every bride knows she needs to answer a very important question: What are the latest wedding trends?

We will assume you’re here because you’ve already answered the most important question with a “yes!” Congratulations!   

Now you need to know what’s in and, equally important, what’s out.

There’s bad news for lovers of photo booths and sparklers, neither of which made the cut for 2019, but great news if you love everything royal, as the trends for 2019 are being heavily influenced by last May’s wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. High-profile weddings tend to have that effect.

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The Theme — While having a theme for your wedding isn’t required, it can make the planning and decision-making process run more smoothly if you have a clear, cohesive vision to guide you. The theme can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, but should be something that suits your personality. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can consider how to apply it to everything from the invitations and place cards to the decor and attire. 

In for 2019 are weddings that feature a fairy tale theme, whether it’s your own twist on a Disney classic or a fantasy vision you’ve created. This plays especially well right now, with wedding fashion still under the influence of the royal nuptials. Tiaras, capes and sharp pantsuits are in, along with sparkles, crystals and opals — perfect accoutrements for this theme. 

Classic romance and earthy tone themes will remain popular in 2019, according to’s wedding blog, as will themes that feature more greenery over traditional floral arrangements, which is a good option for couples working with a smaller budget and not willing to sacrifice beauty or elegance. 

The Venue — The rustic barn setting is sooo last year. Instead, experts expect to see more couples choosing industrial spaces with lots of metal and hard lines, glass and chrome, says Linda DiProperzio of It’s a clean, minimalist look that offers a striking backdrop for greenery or bold floral arrangements and allows the bridal party to be the focal point of the event.

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More couples will also use video or projection mapping in 2019. Projection mapping was invented by Disney and was originally used as a unique way to decorate Disney wedding cakes, but the technology used on a larger scale offers a new way to transform any venue into your own perfect backdrop by having multiple projectors cast realistic images onto the surfaces of an event space. The setting of any wedding, at any time of the year, can be transformed into a winter wonderland, white-sand beach, fairy tale castle or a classic video game. Though it’s still a bit pricey,
argues that creating a wall of roses with projection mapping may be less expensive than creating a wall of roses with actual fresh blooms, so couples will need to carefully weigh whether this new trend works with their budget. 

The Color Palette — Bold. Bold. Bold. The dresses, the bouquets, the decor … bold colors are in! Gone are the days of the obligatory white or ivory dress. Gone are the classic pastels and muted tones of past years. For 2019, bold colors are all the rage, especially shades of purple. Lavender, violet, periwinkle … shades of purple are taking over weddings in a big way. 

The Unplugged Ceremony — In this digital age, it may seem like a good idea to Snapchat or Facebook live during the wedding ceremony. Imagine, though, looking out at your guests and seeing a sea of cellphones looking back at you. These days, more and more couples are asking guests to turn off their devices for the length of the ceremony in order to give their full attention to the bride and groom. The photographer is sure to get pictures anyway. This rule, of course, does not apply to the reception, when everyone is encouraged and expected to post pictures and live videos all over social media. 

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The Pictures — Speaking of pictures … move over, photography. Step aside, videography. Drones can take documenting your special day to a whole new level (pun intended). They are easily available now and capable of delivering high-quality video or photographs, making them a must-have for outdoor weddings. Unlike traditional photography and videography, a drone provides an entirely different view of your wedding that you and your guests don’t see until the footage is uploaded, adding a whole new layer of fun to the experience.    

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The Food — While the traditional sit-down meal or buffet will never go entirely out of style, catering options are more varied and flexible these days, offering couples several ways to create dynamic dining experiences for their guests. Couples are opting for more courses on smaller plates, or setting up do-it-yourself food stations. According to Sarah Schmirl of, an oyster or raw bar and a carving station may be paired with sides that are preset on the table family style to create a more intimate atmosphere.  


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